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      The Index of Science & Engineering(SEI)Database covering academic conference papers in the fields of Social Sciences, Economics and Management Science, Education Science, Engineering Science, Agricultural Science, Basic Science as well as others. It’s a site system that mainly based on search functions of which for searching and both the information-sharing, thematic exchange, technology promotion, and other features.

      SEI is a search database that includes large number of periodicals, the oldest and largest amount of professional literatures in Australia. With a standardized classification and subject indexing, it can achieve the reader access to the functions. With PDF Full-text data format according to the international standards, a more clear and unique synonymous library and the same name libraries, it achieves the function of more accurate positioning search. Kernel of international full-text search, it achieves transmission of information faster and more stable features.

      SEI database implementing the system of ISO9001 and guarantee the more stable and high-quality information, also it quickly realizes some significant documents in different subjects and ages that are related to their own research topics.

      SEI Database is also a collection of the academic conference documents. It shares information of the papers published in these well-known international conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops or academic conferences. New theories, new solutions and new concept of development are firstly appeared in scientific papers published in conference. The SEI searchable database updates daily and provides reference information of the conference papers and authors’ brief through the network.