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Women's Survival and Development in Current Cultural Environment

Publisher:  Source:  Published:2013-11-18

        2013 International Symposium—Women's Survival and Development in Current Cultural Environment was held ceremoniously on 16th-17th November, 2013, in Spring City, Jinan, China, which was sponsored by Shandong Women’s University, and M&D Forum (Australia), and was organized by “Women/Gender Studies and Training Base of The National Women's Federation” of Shandong Women’s University, Women and Culture Dissemination Research Base, Shandong Women’s University, and Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd, and was co-organized by Shandong Gender Equity Research Centre, Shandong Research Base of Development and Management of Female Human Resources, and the Editorial Department of Shandong Women’s University.  

        Over 200 people attended this symposium including experts and scholars of about 20 institutions of higher learning, who came from Women's Studies Institute of China, Nankai University, Nanjing Normal University, China Women's University, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Xi'an Technological University, Jinggangshan University, Shandong University, Hebei University, Shandong Normal University, East China Jiaotong University, Northeast Normal University, Shandong Agricultural University, Shaanxi Normal University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Linyi University, Fujian Jiangxia University, and Jiujiang University, etc. and representatives who came from Woman Cadre’s School, scientific research institutions, and enterprises and public institutions, etc.

Opening Ceremony

        Prof. Sun Xiuli, secretary of the party committee of Shandong Women’s University, researcher Yuan Hongying, vice-president of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences made speeches separately in the opening ceremony. Firstly, they expressed the warm congratulations to the convening of the conference and warm welcome and sincere greetings to the representatives attending the symposium. Then they pointed out, the convening of this symposium aimed at analyzing problems and challenges that women's survival and development faced with in current cultural environment objectively, further discussed the countermeasures and suggestions that promote gender equality and women's development, offered advices for promoting gender equality and women's development of China. Finally, congratulate beforehand this symposium can be a great success.

        After the opening ceremony, five experts made special reports for this symposium:

        Tutor of a Ph.d. student and Prof. Jin Yuanpu, Renmin University of China made special report titled: “Cultural Study: Queer Theory and Reality of China”;

        Tutor of a Ph.d. Prof. Ye Wenzhen, vice-president of Fujian Jiangxia University madespecial report titled: “Career Development of Intellectual Woman and the Choice of Female College Students”;

        Prof. Li Yeping, director of Female Literary Institute, Shandong Normal University made special report titled: “Current Situation of Women's Literary Creation at Present”;

        Jiang Xiuhua, researcher, director of  Collection of Women's Studies of Women's Studies Institute of China made special report titled: “Inherit of Traditional Culture and The Conformation to the Advanced Gender Culture——Taking Nv Wa Culture as an Example”;

        Prof. Ma Caichen, School of Economics, Nankai University made special report titled: “Social Gender Budget in China: Path Choice from Experimental Unit to Popularization”;

        Five spokespeople unfolded comprehensive and in-depth speeches around this symposium theme——Women's Survival and Development in Current Cultural Environment. Women is a great power to promote the progress of human civilization, is also as a social vulnerable group, and is a group that calls for attention and emphasis, and calls for guide and support and pay special attention to and emphasis. On the way of promoting women's survival and development, women call for the guidance of the advanced gender culture and the arms of cutting-edge of women's theory. Carried out sagacious analysis and expound from macroscopic to microcosmic from the different perspective of disciplines, put forwarded theoretical perspectives and countermeasure and suggestion which have scientificity, pertinence, and practical guidance, and pointed out that it requires constant efforts in the aspects of cultivate women talents, research of women's theory, service the society and women's development, inherit the advanced gender culture, etc.

        Prof. Liang Lixia, vice-president of School of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Jinan, Zhu Yaoping, president of Hubei Women Cadre School, associate professor Zhang Jing, Nanjing Normal University, and associate professor Cao Yafeng, School of Culture Communication, Shandong Women’s University, unfolded discussion and communication separately combining with successful cases in the practical work, in terms of contents as: gender culture research, theory and practice research of women’s development, research on female entrepreneurship and employment, the construction of advanced gender culture and the construction of advanced socialist culture, and research on the rule’s of women’s becoming talents and development, etc.


        This symposium in-depth discussed new situation, new problem, new ideas, new opportunity that women's survival and development in current cultural environment faced with, it has important practical significance towards the reinforcement of women’s theme consciousness, sense of responsibility, and lead advanced gender culture, and it will also help to foster and expand women theoretical research troops, build women's studies information platform, promote the deepening of the research of advanced gender culture, bring new opportunities for women's survival and development in the new period together with the broad prospects for women of our nation to develop careers.

Group photo of the representatives presented at the meeting