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2014 International Symposium on Reform and Innovation of Higher Engineering Education

Publisher:  Source:  Published:2014-01-13


Southwest Petroleum University

Eastern Academic Forum (Australia)



School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Southwest Petroleum University

Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd



Wuhan Polytechnic University

Sichuan Normal University

Liaoning Technical University

Sichuan College of Architectural Technology

Guang’an Vocational & Technical College

Zhejiang College of Construction



Chengdu, China



November 27th--28th, 2014

Symposium LanguageEnglish, Chinese


Symposium Theme

Cultivation of Practical Ability and Innovation Ability of College Students



Higher Education System and Reform

The Industry-University-Research Cooperation of Higher Engineering Education

Teachers Management of Higher Education

Research of Higher Vocational Education Innovation

Professional Master Cultivation Research

Higher Education Teaching Reform

Education and Teaching Practice

Education Teaching Research of Private Higher Education Institutions

International Higher Education Reform and Development

Research of Discipline and Methodology of Higher Education

Research of Teaching Staff Construction

Engineering Professional Education

Management of College Students




Executive Chairmen:

Prof. Liu Jianjun                                      Southwest Petroleum University

Dr. Zeng Mingyou                                    Southwest Petroleum University

Prof. Zhao Ruimei                                   China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

Prof. Graham Lennan                             Scientific Innovations Research (Australia)


Organizing Committee Members:

Yao Yuan, Hu Qijun, Xiong Junnan, Wang Zegen, Dong Shi’er, Du Liqun,

Xiao Dongsheng, Feng Huihong, Que Yi, Zhou Yonghua, Wen Wu, Fan Huiling,

Jiang Jie, Pan Haize, Wu Ying, Zhu Dapeng, Zhang Junwei, Zhang Bohu, Qin Dahui


Academic Committee:


Prof: Wang Ling  Southwest Petroleum University

Committee Members (Listed in no particular order):

Zhu Yanzhi, Wu Guoxi, Wu Mingjun, Zhang Yongli, Zhang Shuguang, Liu Jianjun,

Wang Fumao, Li Jixiang, Liu Baoxian, Long Si, Liu Feng, Hu Guangzhong, Yang Qizhi,

Gao Jun, Yang Shichun, Tang Bin, Shi Zeming, Xu Youhui, Wu Gang, Yang Yaojun,

Deng Jie, Zeng Chenping, Duan Zhichun, Li Xin, Fan Ruyong, Li Wenyuan, Liang Weiguo,

Liu Yikun, Liu Xiaoyan, Song Fuquan, Yang Tianhong, Yin Hongjun, Zhang Zhenhua   



All accepted papers of the symposium will be indexed by International Authoritative Retrieval Agency CPCI (ISTP/ISSHP), and be published in the form of periodical and symposium proceedings by “Eastern Academic Forum (Australia)” in China and Australia respectively. In the meantime, in order to enlarge papers’ quotation, the whole papers can be indexed from, the database of SEI, and these proceedings will be issued in more than 200 universities and research institutions all over the world.


Important Dates:


Collection Deadline: June 10th, 2014

Deadline of Acceptance Notification: June 20th, 2014

Deadline of Conference Fee: July 15th, 2014


Paper Requests:

1. Written in both English and Chinese, please use the MS Word 6.0 or above, and e-mail your contributions to the organizing committee.

2. Papers must contain:

Abstract, Keywords, Instruction, Text, Conclusion, References

Please analyze the status quo and existing problems of the similar studies at home and abroad in the introduction.  

3. The paper typesetting format:

The paper typesetting format could be downloaded from The paper typesetting format should accords to the standard format. Typesetting can have footnote, cannot have page headers. One person, one draft. Multiple submissions are not allowed. Each paper allows maintaining two authors.

Paper Charges:

Page charges for each paper at least five pages costs 1500 Yuan. 260 Yuan for each exceeded page.

Contributors please attach personal attending receipt, the paper typesetting format and attending receipt could be downloaded from


Payment for Dissertations

1. Post Office Remittance Address:

Address: Room 221, National Engineering Laboratory for DTV, No.2 Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

Zip Code: 100191

. 款地址    Remittee: Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd

2. Bank Transfer:

Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Datun Road, Beijing Branch

Account number: 0200244519200037827

Account name: Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd

Fax the remittance slip to 010-82284760 or mail the copy of the remittance slip to the remittance address of the post office. (Please specify page number on the cash remittance.)


Registration Fee:

The registration fee is RMB1200, exclusive of accommodation and travelling expenses fees. The registration fee should be paid in cash at the time of representatives’ registration.


Contact Information of Organizing Committees

Beijing Organizing Committee:

Contacts: Zhu Yali, Yang Liyuan, Zou Yong

Tel: 010-51653779


Fax: 010-82284760


Chengdu Organizing Committee:

Contacts: Jiang Jie, Zhang Junwei

Tel: 028-83037610

Fax: 028-83037601