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2014 International Symposium—Women’s Human Resources Development & Management, Female Survival & Development

Publisher:  Source:  Published:2014-06-24


Shandong Women’s University

Shandong Research Institute of Women’s Human Resources Development and Management

M&D Forum (Australia)




Scientific Research Office of Shandong Women’s University

Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-exchange Co., Ltd.




The National Women’s Federation of Women/Gender Research and Training Base

Shandong Research Institute of Women’s Human Resources Development and Management

Editorial Office of Journal of Shandong Women’s University

The Shandong Women’s Theory Research Association




Jinan, Shandong







Oct. 18-19 2014




The National Women’s Federation of Women/Gender Research and Training Base

Shandong Research Institute of Women’s Human Resources Development and Management



Committee chairman:

Ye Wenzhen  Xiamen University



Vice chairman:

Wang Aiying  Shandong Women’s University

Liu Xia  Shandong Women’s University




Luo Jinlian       Tongji University

Li Dongfeng      Research Center for Women of East China Jiaotong University

Li Qin           Shandong University

Li Xinjian        Nankai University

Jiang Xiuhua      Women’s Studies Institute of China (WSIC)

Zhang Shoufeng    Jinan University

Liu Zhongwen     Shandong Women’s University

Wang Leilei       Shandong Women’s University

Xu Liping        Shandong Women’s University

Zhang Yawei      Shandong Women’s University



Executive chairman:

Liu Zhongwen        Shandong Women’s University

Wang Aiying         Shandong Women’s University

Zhao Ruimei         China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

Pro.Graham Lennan    Scientific Innovations Research



Language: English, Chinese




a)       Female Survival and Development

b)       Female Human Resources Development & Management




1.Research on the theory of gender equality

2.Women and social development

3.Research on the women’s history

4.Research on the culture of female human

5.Female social work

6.Research on female and laws

7.Research on female education

8.Research on the developing laws of female talents

9.Research on the construction of female talents’ cultivation model in service industry

10.Research on the soft-power promotion of female human resources in the service industry

11.Research on the issues about labor transfer of rural women

12.Research on the reasons and strategies about labor transfer of rural women

13.Research on the social environment of female human resources growth

14.Countermeasures for promoting female human resources culture




Conference Publication:

Both English and Chinese papers are accepted.

The papers in Chinese will be presented. The conference will award 6 excellent papers for first prize, 12 for second prize and 18 for third prize. The outstanding papers will be sent to Shandong Federation of Social Science Circles to attend the provincial awards, and then published tighter.

All accepted papers of the conference will be listed in form of monograph, as a conference literature published by M&D Forum (Australia). This session papers will be indexed by International Authoritative Searching Agency CPCI (ISTP/ISSHP).

At the same time, in order to enlarge papers’ quotation, the whole papers can be indexed from, the database of SEI, and these proceedings will be issued in 200 universities and research institutions all over the world. The copyright of Chinese papers belongs to Shandong Women’s University. These papers will be published in the Journal of Shandong Women’s University.



Excellent papers recommend published:

The excellent papers will be published in the International Journal Psychology Research and Management & Engineering. And then they will be embodied by the Cambridge Scientific Abstract (CSA) in 3 or 3 months. At the same time, these papers will be recommended to the SSCI International index.



Page charges:

Collection fee for each paper within 5 pages costs 1600 yuan. Ultra is 280 yuan for each page.

Those that selected as the excellent papers, the pages must reach more than 7 pages. The page charge is 1600 yuan within 7 pages, ultra 280 yuan for each page.



Conference fees:

Venue: Jinan, Shandong, lasting for 2 days.

Conference fee is free. Fees for accommodation and transportation are excluded.



Important date:

Collection Deadline: Sep.19, 2014

Deadline of Acceptance Notification: Sep.30, 2014

Deadline Conference Fee: Sep.30, 2014



Papers request:

1.Written in both Chinese and English, please use the MS Word6.0 or above, and e-mail to organizing committee.

2. Papers must contain: Abstract, Keywords, Instruction, Text, Conclusion, References.

The current situation and existing problems in the home and aboard should be included in the instruction.

3.Papers’ publishing layout according to the standard format. The paper won’t be audited if not strictly follow the standard.

4.Posting thesis must be attached author’s personal information. And send it to working groups.

5.One person, one draft (including the second author). No allowed multiple submissions. Each paper allows two authors at most.



Received mail and contact:


Tel: 010—51653779

Fax: 010—82284760


Contacts: Zhu Yali, Yang Liyuan, Zou Yong



Ways of payment:

1.Post Office Remittance Address

Address: Room 221, National Engineering, Laboratory for DTV, No.2 Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191

Remittee: Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd.

2. Bank transfer:

Bank name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Datun Road, Beijing Branch.

Account number: 0200244519200037827

Account name: Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd.

(Please specify author’s name and page number on the cash remittance.)



Conference registration:

Contact: Zhao Qipeng, Lin Cunxiu

Tel: Zhao Qipeng: 15965639069   0531—86526566

Lin Cunxiu: 13791051809    0531—86526669

Fax: 0531—86526072