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Practice and Innovation of Marketing Theory Based on Data Wisdom

Publisher:  Source:  Published:2014-07-15

        The 2014 Symposium on International Marketing Science and Information Technology was successfully convoked on June 28th 2014 in Beijing, the Capital of China. It was hosted by China Marketing Research Center, Beijing Wuzi University, and Eastern Academic Forum (Australia), and undertaken by Beijing Wuzi University and Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd.

        The seminar was attended by more than 100 professors and scholars from proximately 20 universities, such as China Marketing Research Center, Beijing Wuzi University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, the Central University of Finance and Economics, Tianjin Normal University, Beijing International Studies University, Chinese Academy of Social Science, Beijing Youth Politics College, China Women’s University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, University of International Business and Economics, Hohai University, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Zhejiang University, Hunan University, Xi’an University of Arts and Science, Wuhan Textile University, and Hunan University of Commerce among, etc.

Opening Ceremony

        At the opening ceremony, the speeches were delivered respectively by Prof. Wang Zhiming from Beijing Wuzi University, Prof. Wei Fuxiang from Tianjin Normal University, and Prof. Guo Guoqing, the dean of China Marketing Research Centre. First of all, they showed their congratulations to the meeting convened smoothly, and expressed their warm welcome and best regards to the representatives attended at this session of meeting. And then, they put that the symposium mainly focused on objectively analyzing challenges and difficulties marketing model encountering in the age of information technology, and debating on Practices and Theories Innovation of Marketing Based on Data Wisdom, and offering advices and suggestions to contribute to broaden marketing model. Last but not least, they expressed their expectation that the conference would be a great success.

        After opening ceremony, the reports were delivered respectively by seven professors according to their own research orientations as follows:

        Mechanism Research on Customers’ Participating in Value Co-creation, reported by Prof. Wang Yonggui from University of International Business and Economics;

        Marketing Model Transformation in the Internet Age, reported by Prof. Hu Zuohao, from Tsinghua University;

        On the Relationship among Role Conflict, Cross-bounder Conduct and Organization Performance, reported by Prof. Wei Fuxiang, Tianjin Normal University;

        Research on China Cultural Map and Consumption Behavior, reported by Prof. Sun Chuan, Beijing Normal University;

        Business Performance and Marketing Orientation of Overseas Subsidiaries Owned by a Transnational Corporation---Integration and Response to Regulation Effect, reported by Prof. Qu Riliang, from Central University of Finance and Economics;

        A Research on Marketing in City: Progress, Opportunity and Challenge, reported by Researcher Liu Yanping from Chinese Academy of Social Science;

        Pre-sale Cancellation Policy and Price Undertaking Mechanism, reported by Prof. Zhang Zelin, from Renmin University of China.

        Lectures delivered by seven spokesmen could be comprehensive and profound, which mainly focused on the theme Practice and Innovation of Marketing Theory based on Data Wisdom.

        Marketing is the compulsory subject for social industry development, with the big age of data approaching, O2O, Cloud Service, and Micro-blog popularizing, and traditional marketing encountered with the growing opportunities and challenges. There is an urgent need to transform market-oriented marketing model with customers and clients as a research object. The scholars put forward a pile of rational, correspondent and realistically instructional countermeasures and theoretical suggestions, from the different perspective of science, ranging from macro to micro, emphasizing the importance of developing and transforming marketing model in the age of data. 

        Prof. Wang Yonggui from University of International Business and Economics pointed out “Make or buy choice”, which is not the “New Product” but “New Project”, theoretically analyzing transformation of marketing model. Prof. HU Zuohao from Tsinghua University suggested that although O2O have a great impact, traditional businesses had performed no less than networks, by modifying business model in combination of test marketing. Upon delivering speeches concerning the contemporary transformation pattern of marketing model, theoretically and practically, the two professors demonstrated development trend of marketing model.

        Prof. Sun Chuan, from Beijing Normal University, analyzed marketing model from external factor especially culture, complying with theories related with Post-sociology, Psychology, and Geology. In line with cultural value of SCHWARTZ, he analyzed cultural map based on regional identification, and then he figured out the hierarchically regional culture, which leads to the different marketing model.

        Doctor Zhang Zelin, from Renmin University of China, discussed the theme entitled Pre-sale Cancellation Policy and Price Undertaking Mechanism, to deal with whether the ticket price should be promised or not. He also invited the participants actively to take part in his lecture.

Group Photo for the symposium participants