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The Seventh International Symposium on Education Innovation

Publisher:  Source:  Published:2014-04-16


Henan Polytechnic University

Capital University of Economics and Business

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

Southwest Petroleum University

Liaocheng University

M&D Forum (Australia)



Henan Polytechnic University Institute of Higher Education

School of Emergency Management of Henan Polytechnic University

School of Sports of Henan Polytechnic University

School of Literature and Media of Henan Polytechnic University

School of Foreign Languages of Henan Polytechnic University

School of Architecture and Arts Design of Henan Polytechnic University

School of Music of Henan Polytechnic University

Hainan Industrial Economic Institute

Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd

Psychology Research Journal


Conference VenueBeijing, P.R.China




DateAug. 1- 4, 2014


Time Schedule

Aug. 1 One Full Day for Registration

Aug. 2

In the Morning

a)  Opening Ceremony

b)  Theme Report

In the Afternoon:

a)  Theme Report

b)  Group Discussion

Aug. 3Meeting and Communication scheduled for Participants

Aug. 4Date of Representatives Departing from the Symposium Venue



Chairmen of Symposium:

ZHAO Ruimei                                   China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

FAN Ruyong                                      Higher Education Research Institute, Henan Polytechnic University


Academic Board

Prof. Graham Lennan                     Scientific Innovations Research

Zhou Mansheng                               Education Development Center under Education Ministry

Ma Haiquan                                      Chinese University Science & Technology Magazine

Mao Zuhuan                                      University of Science & Technology Beijing

Liu Baocun                                        Beijing Normal University

Li Yuxiang                                          Central University of Finance and Economics

Chu Zhaohui                                     National Institute of Education Science

He Zhen                                             Beijing Normal University

Cai Wenpeng                                    Tsinghua University

Wang Junsheng                               Renmin University of China

Guo Guoqing                                    Renmin University of China

Liu Haohua                                       Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

Li Baixing                                          Capital University of Economics and Business

Liu Jianjun                                        Southwest Petroleum University

Li Renjun                                          Hainan University

Li Zhe                                                 Liaocheng University

Hou Zhengliang                               Beijing International Studies University

Yan Shisheng                                   Yan’an University

Wu Haiming                                      Yan'an University


Symposium Theme:

1. Education Science

1)  On Basic Principles of Pedagogy

2)  On Curriculum and Instruction  

3)  Study on Education History

4)  Review On Comparative Education

5)  On Preschool Education

6)  On Theory and Practice in Higher Education

7)  On Adult Education  

8)  On Theory and Experience in Vocational and Technical Education

9)  On Theory and Practice in Educational Technology Innovation

10) On Educational Psychology and Development

11) On Communist Party Building, and Ideological & Political Education

12) On Arts Pedagogy and Experience

13) On Music Education and Practice

14) On Physical Education and Experience  

15) On Education Management and Practice

16) On Secondary Education and Experience

17) On Secondary Vocational Education and Practice

18) On New Venture Starting-up and Innovation Education

19) On Theory and Practice in Education & Pedagogy Reform and Innovation

20) On other Theory and Practice Related with Education & Pedagogy Reform and Innovation


1) On History of Psychology

2) On Social Psychology

3) On Development Psychology

4) On Education and Psychology

5) On Management Psychology

6) On Industrial Psychology

7) On Applied Psychology

8) On Psychological Consulting

9) On Psychological Testing

10) On other Related Psychological Subjects


Publications offered by the Symposium:

All accepted papers of the meeting will be listed and published in form of monographs as a seminar literature by M&D Forum (Australia). Papers employed in this session shall be indexed by ISTP/ISSHP after reviewed and compiled by International Authoritative Searching Agency (CPCI).

Meanwhile, to fully enhance frequency of citation and quotation, the full pages of papers accepted at this session shall be accessible and can be indexed at Australia SEI Database: The related monograph shall be recommended and issued in 200 universities and research institutions throughout the world.


Publication and recommendation of the Outstanding Dissertation:

Outstanding dissertation will be preferred to be officially published in such a Periodical as Psychology Research, and recommended to International Access EI. And Cambridge Science Abstract in America.


Page Layout Charges:

No less than four pages is a must for each dissertation with RMB 1900Yuan charged within five pages. Ultra RMB300 Yuan ($50.00) will be charged for each extra page.

No less than seven pages is a must for each Excellent Paper awarded, with RMB 1900Yuan charges for the paper within seven pages. Ultra RMB300 Yuan ($50.00) will be charged for every extra page.

If any need to provide a certificate offered by Science and Technology Center under Ministry of Education to prove that the Paper has been included and issued by ISTP/ISSHP, RMB 100 Yuan shall be charged. Further, please have it indicated in remittance information.


Symposium Fees:
The symposium shall be hosted in Beijing Municipality, Capital of China, for 3 days. RMB 1200 Yuan shall be charged for each participant, with seminar registration fee, material fee, meals and drinks fee included (Fees for accommodation and transportation shall be excluded.)


Important Dates hereinafter emphasized:

Collection Deadline: June 15, 2014

Deadline of Acceptance Notification: June 30, 2014

Deadline of Conference Fee: July 15, 2014


Requirements for the Paper Submission

1. Please submit 2 copies of the Paper respectively in English and Chinese, use the MS Word 6.0 or above, and e-mail it to the Beijing organizing committee. On top of that, to submit a copy of thesis in Chinese is a must in combination of a copy of English version. As a newly Index System in this session shall be applied and put into use this year, we would like to hereby notify your contributors that academic misconduct should be avoided.

2. The Paper must contain:

Abstract, Keywords, Instruction, Text, Conclusion, References

3. Paper’s publish layout should accord to the standard format downloaded from the website:

4. Please typeset Paper outlays in line with the standard format as the above mentioned.

5. Please fill in an acknowledgement of receipt before emailing the Jiaozuo Meeting Affair Group in Beijing while have your dissertation contributed.

6. One person, one draft (including the second author). No repeated contributions for one single Paper are permitted.


Contact Information

Persons in Charge:          LIAO tingting, YANG Liyuan, ZHU Yali

Email Address:        

Telephone No.:                  010-51653779

Fax:                                      010-82284760



Payment and Remittance of the Publication Fees:

(1)Payment and Remittance of Publication and Seminar Fee:

Post Office Remittance Address: Room 221, National Engineering Laboratory for DTV, No.2 Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191

Remittee: Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic - Exchange Co., Ltd

(2)Bank transfer:

Deposit Bank: Datun Road Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), Beijing

Account Number:0200 2445 1920 0037 827

Account Name: Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd.


1)Fax the remittance slip to 010-82284760 or mail the copy of the remittance slip to the remittance address of the post office.

2)Please have Paper number and its author annotated.


Payment and Remittance of Conference Fee:

1.Person in charge: WANG Xiaoxuan

Address: Higher Education Research Institute of Henan Polytechnic University, No. 2001 Shiji Avenue, Gaoxin District, Jiaozuo City in Henan Province,454003

3.Please notify Paper number and its author in remittance slip

4.Submitted before July 15th 2014, RMB 1200 Yuan will be charged only for registration fee.



Symposium Registration:

Persons in charge: WANG Xiaoxuan, ZHOU Xinfeng, XU Zhenxi


WANG Xiaoxuan:                13598528631;

ZHOU Xinfeng:                   15639110639;

XU Zhenxi:                         15138090509

Email Address:      

Website: News at News bulletin concerning Higher Education Institute at, or updated news related at


Acknowledgement of Receipt



Company Name








Zip Code


Academic Degree


Mobile Phone No.


Post No.




Thesis Title


Make a statement or not

The time for each lecture or PPT offered is allowed within 15 minutes.

Accommodation Requirements


Private/shared Room


Number of people accompanied


Private/shared Room


Note: Please send acknowledgement of receipt to before July 15 2014 as soon as registration is finished.