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The 12th Annual Conference of China Industrial Technology Association of Economics & Management Institutes and the First International Conference on Management, Innovation& Development (MID2014)

Publisher:  Source:  Published:2014-01-03


China Industrial Technology Association of Economic & Management Institutes

School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University



College of Business Administration, School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University

Eastern Academic Forum (Australia)



Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Development Strategy Institute of Beijing Jiaotong University

Center for China Merger and Acquisition Research

China Business Competitiveness Research Center

Management World Magazine


Organizing Chairmen:

A. Prof. Zhang Jinxin              Beijing Jiaotong University

Prof. Xiao Xiang               Beijing Jiaotong University

Prof. Tang Fangcheng              Beijing Jiaotong University



Conference Venue: Beijing, China




Date: Oct. 25 - 26 2014


Symposium Theme:

Strategic Management Innovation and Business Model Reengineering


Topics referenced:

Strategic Management, Corporate Governance, Commercial Model Innovation, Enterprise Competitiveness, Brand Strategy, Financial Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Strategic Human Resources, Transportation Organization and Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Electronics Business, Technology Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Culture Industry and New Media, Tourism Strategy and Management, Supply Chain Management, Organizational Change, etc. 


Theme Speech

1. Modern Management Theory and Methodology Innovation in the Age of Big Data

2. Enterprise Strategic Orientation and Sustainable Development under Intensively Competitive Environment

3. Business Model Innovation and Enterprise Strategy Transformation in Homogenization Time


Honorary Chairmen:

Academician XU Shoubo                      Beijing Jiaotong University  

Academician JIANG Zhuangde            Xi’an Jiaotong University


Chairman of Symposium:

Prof. ZHANG Mingyu                          Beijing Jiaotong University

Prof. ZENG Xiaochun                           Xi’an Jiaotong University

Prof. ZHAO Ruimei                              China University of Geosciences (Beijing)


Program President:

Prof. ZHANG Wensong                        Beijing Jiaotong University


Academic Committee:

Prof. Marquis Christopher                     Harvard Business School

Prof. Mike Hitt                                      Texas A&M University

Prof. Lorraine Eden                               Texas A&M University

Prof. Joanna Zhang                                Cambridge University

Prof. Peter Ping Li                                 Copenhagen Business School

Prof. Davide Sims                                  University London

Prof. Eric Fang                                       Illinois University

Prof. Bill Merrilees                                 Griffith University

Prof. LIU Yi                                                 Mannheim University

Prof. Graham Lennan                                   Scientific Innovations Research

Prof. TONG Yonghuan                         Tsinghua University

Prof. PENG Long                                  Beijing Foreign Studies University

Prof. WANG Jiaqiong                           Capital University of Economics and Business

Prof. WANG Shouyang                        Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. ZHANG Xinmin                           University of International Business and Economics

Prof. HUANG Xiankai                          Beijing Union University

Prof. GAO Ziyou                                   Beijing Jiaotong University

Prof. LIU Weiqi                                     Shanxi University

Prof. ZHAO Guohao                             Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

Prof. LU Zhengfei                                 Peking University

Prof. WANG Huacheng                        Reimin University of China

Prof. ZHOU Ning                                  Beihang University (BUAA)

Prof. SUN Zao                                       Xi’an Jiaotong University

Prof. LI Jinlin                                         Beijing Institute of Technology

Prof. GUO Guoqing                              Reimin University of China

Prof. GE Jianxin                                    Centre University of Finance and Economics

Prof. HE Feng                                        University of Science and Technology Beijing

Prof. AN Jingwen                                  China University of Mining & Technology

Prof. ZHANG Qiusheng                       Beijing Jiaotong University

Prof.WEI Jiang                                      Zhejiang University

Prof. LI Li                                              Nankai University

Prof. ZHANG Hui                                 Beijing Jiaotong University


Organizing Chairmen:

A. Prof. Zhang Jinxin                                   Beijing Jiaotong University

Prof. Xiao Xiang                                    Beijing Jiaotong University

Prof. Tang Fangcheng                            Beijing Jiaotong University


Local Organizing Chairmen:

Hermann Ndofor                                          Texas A&M University

SHI Mengze                                           University of Toronto

LI Dan                                                   University of Arizona

MU Jifeng                                              Alabama A & M University

ZHONG Jingyang                                        Surrey University

DUAN Xiao                                                 Tsinghua Uiniversity

CHEN Xiaorong                                    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

DAI Wanwen                                               Nanjing Uiversity

GUO Changsheng                                        Shandong University

YANG Fang                                                 Central South University

ZHANG Jinshan                                    Jilin University

WANG Guoyu                                      Wuhan University

XIANG Yang                                               Tongji University

ZHAO Lindu                                                Southeast University

YUE Xiaodong                                      City University of Hong Kong

HAN Ying                                             Northeastern University

ZHENG Jianming                                         University of International Business and Economics

ZHAO Junjie                                                China Agricultural University

WANG Zhong                                              Hunan University

HUANG Liejia                                             Hubei University

SU Xuechuan                                         Central University of Finance and Economics

GONG Huang                                              China University of Mining & Technology

LI Qing                                                  Jinan University

HUANG Lucheng                                        Beijing University of Technology

AN Jia                                                    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

LI Xiaoyu                                              North China Electric Power University

WANG Ling                                                 China University of Political Science and Law

SUN Jun                                                       Beijing University of Chemical Technology

LIU Kejian                                             People’s Public Security University of China

WEI Guo                                               Beijing Forestry University

HUO Hong                                            Tianjin University of Finance& Economics

YANG Xiaodong                                         China University of Geosciences

XIAO Wentao                                       Minzu University of China

LI Shanxi                                               University of Finance& Economics

SU Hui                                                   Jiangxi University of Finance& Economics

WANG Yang                                                South China University of Technology

ZHOU Yongmei                                    Qingdao University

REN Guifen                                           Hebei University

WANG Guoxia                                      Shanxi University

MA Youcai                                            Shandong University of Science and Technology

CUI Jingdong                                        Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

WANG Yunxia                                      North China University of Technology

WANG Xingfen                                    Beijing Information Science& Technology University

CHEN Lin                                             Beijing Union University

YANG Zhen                                                 Capital University of Economics and Business

SUN Biqing                                           Guangxi University

WANG Chen                                                Harbin University of Technology and Science

LUO Zhongjie                                       Huazhong University of Science and Technology

XIA Mingxue                                        Chang'an University

ZHENG Jun                                           South-central University for Nationality

ZHANG Dan                                                Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

REN Chuanpeng                                    Shandong University of Finance and Economics

ZHOU Yong                                          Jinan University

DU Yonghong                                       Xijing University

GAO Juemin                                                 Nanjing University Of Finance & Economics

WAN Tao                                              Xi`an Technological University

SI Linsheng                                            Henan University of Economics and Law

LYU  Jingye Xi`an                                     University of Science and Technology

ZHANG Suli                                                Shandong University of Technology

FAN Xianting                                               Hebei University of Economics and Business

CAO Bing                                              Xinjiang University of Finance&Economics

DUAN Xiaomei                                     Guilin University of Electronic Technology

LIU Hongwei                                        Xiangtan University

LI Ying                                                  Xi'an University of Finance and Economics

MAO Jianqi                                           Shandong Institute of Business and Technology

LYU Bo                                                        Beijing Wuzi University

WANG Xiaoli                                               Zhengzhou Aeronautical Industry Management

WU Haibin                                             Xiangnan University

DU Tielong                                            Xi’an University of Arts and Science

BI Tingyan                                             Weifang University  


Publication offered by the Symposium:

All accepted papers of the meeting will be listed by Eastern Academic Forum (Australia) in form of monographs as a seminar literature. Papers employed in this session shall be indexed by ISTP/ISSHP after reviewed and compiled by International Authoritative Searching Agency (CPCI).

Meanwhile, to fully enhance frequency of citation and quotation, the full pages of papers accepted at this session shall be accessible and can be indexed at Australia SEI Database; the related monograph shall be issued in 200 universities and research institutions around the world.


Publication and recommendation of the Outstanding Dissertation:

Certificates will be awarded to winners, ranging from First Second to Third Ranking, for their outstanding essays. The outstanding dissertation employed by the symposium will be revised and complemented before officially published and listed in such international Periodicals as Management & Engineering and Contemporary Logistics before included by Cambridge Science Abstract within 6 months and meanwhile recommended to EI.

Exceptionally outstanding essays recruited and employed by the seminar shall be revised and supplemented and then give a top priority to be recommended to Management World, China Industrial Economics, China Soft Science Magazine, and Modernization of Management among other publications, etc.


Page Layout Charges:

No less than four pages is a must for each dissertation with RMB 2200 Yuan charged within five pages. Ultra RMB300 Yuan will be charged for each extra page.

No less than seven pages is a must for each Excellent Paper awarded, with RMB 2200 Yuan charges for the paper within seven pages. Ultra RMB300 Yuan ($50.00) for each extra page.


Symposium Fees:

Conference fee is RMB 600 Yuan for each attendee, including seminar registration fee, material fee, meals and drinks fee, etc. (Fees for accommodation and transportation shall be excluded.)


Important Dates hereinafter emphasized:

Collection Deadline: Sep. 1, 2014

Deadline of Acceptance Notification: Sep. 20, 2014

Deadline of Conference Fee: Sep. 25, 2014


Requirements for the Paper Submission:

1. Paper written in either English or Chinese is needed, please use the MS Word 6.0 or above, and e-mail one of these two versions to the Beijing organizing committee.

2. The Paper must contain:

Abstract, Keywords, Instruction, Text, Conclusion, References

3. Paper’s publishing layout should accord to the standard format downloaded from the website ( of Economics and Management School of Beijing Jiaotong University:

4. Please typeset Paper outlays in line with the standard format as the above mentioned.

5. One person, one draft (including the second author). No repeated contributions for one single Paper are allowed.


Contact Information:

Ms. JING:           15600562385  (010)51687186   

Ms. ZHAO:         18801070506  (010)51687079

Ms. GUO:           15652965308  (010)51467971

                    (010)51685073 (010)51684522

Fax: (010)82284760



Payment and Remittance of the Publication Fee:


(1)  Payment and Remittance of Publication and Seminar Fee:

Post Office Remittance Address: Room 221, National Engineering Laboratory for DTV, No.2 Huayuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191

Remittee: Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic - Exchange Co., Ltd

(2)     Bank transfer:

Deposit BankDatun Road Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), Beijing

Account Number:020 02445 1920 0037 827

Account Name: Beijing Zhongjing Lanshan Academic-Exchange Co., Ltd.

Fax the remittance slip to 010-82284760 or mail the copy of the remittance slip to the remittance address of the post office. (Please annotate Paper number and its author.)


Symposium Registration:


Ms. GAO, Ms. XING, Ms. YAO, Ms. YANG, Ms. ZHU, Mr. ZOU


(010) 51687175, (010)51685063 

(010) 51653779, (010)51687182

(010) 51687190



School of Economics and Management, Beijing Jiaotong University

No.3 ShangyuanCun, XizhimenWai Block, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100044

Note: Please send acknowledgement of receipt to organizing committee by email in advance of deadline of Oct. 15 2014, when registration is finished.


Acknowledgement of Receipt



Company Name








Zip Code


Academic Degree


Mobile Phone No.


Post No.




Thesis Title


Make a statement or not

The time for each lecture or PPT offered is allowed within 15 minutes.

Accommodation Requirements


Private/shared Room


Number of people accompanied


Private/shared Room