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Josee Bloemer

Radloud University Professor Market analysis and relationship management in marketing

Axel Eggert

Anhalt University Professor International, service and online marketing

Kunal Basu

Oxford University Professor Strategic marketing and corporate social responsibility, drawing on theoretical perspectives from philosophy, social and organisational theory

Christian Grönroos

Hanken School of Economics Finland Professor Developing marketing based on a service logic: promise management and marketing; transforming manufacturing into service business

Song Yang

University of South Australia Professor Consumer behaviour under the influence of Chinese cultural value, Salespeople motivation and sales management in China, Business performance in Asian countries, Modeling and computer simulation in marketing

Pia Polsa

Hanken School of Economics Finland Assistant Professor Service Quality in Hospitals, Impact of Change of Power to the Structure of the Distribution Network in the People’s Republic of China, Development of store brands, Impact of Corporate Culture on Service Quality, Relationship Marketing in an International Context

Lawrence F. Cunningham

University of Colorado Professor Marketing management, international marketing, services marketing, customer relationship management

Karen Maria Spens

Hanken School of Economics Finland Professor Logistics theory building, research approaches in logistics, healthcare logistics, humanitarian logistics
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